Priority of and

I run a Tomcat instance with existing 6.2.0 apps and new 6.3.0 apps, and have their respective configuration in $TOMCAT_BASE/lib/ and $TOMCAT_BASE/lib/config/ Based on the docs, this forum post, and the output of actuator/env, my reasoning is that this ought to work fine provided that I override in every property defined in, because it would otherwise ‘shine through’.

Is this assumption correct? And is it still correct after PR #962 for issue #961, which seems to revert the priority of and

Also, wouldn’t it make more sense (in terms of understandability) to ignore if any are found? Or disable their loading if some property is set? The way it is now, if the are edited for the old apps, the new apps could be affected.

The order of the properties is currently not 100% correct and will be fixed in the next release.
The idea is that your own should have precedence over all. The old property files should also be taken last, if any are there.

Not sure if that’s possible with Spring Boot. Would have to check that.