Can the files be merged into one shared file?

The Flowable documentation says

Usually, you will want to change the default H2 in-memory database configuration to a MySQL or Postgres (or other persistent database) configuration. You can do this per app by changing the file in the WEB-INF/classes/META-INF directory of each app. But it’s easier to copy the file from one of the apps or get it from Github, and put it in the Tomcat lib folder. The UI applications will first look at a file available on the classpath directly and this configuration will have precedence over the configuration file in the WAR.

I have taken a look at the different files and noticed that their contents are not identical. Some have more properties then others.
So I was wondering, should I either :

  1. Merge the files into one shared properties file and put this file first on the classpath

  2. create a separate file with only the overriden properties (i.e. database config)

Both approaches would work, so it’s a matter of preference …
The properties should not overlap between apps, so it’s safe to set them in one file (if not, please let us know, that’s a bug!)