Flowable UI and SpringBoot starter - schema version conflict


I’m a little stuck trying to get our development environment setup.

I have a working spring boot application running Flowable engine version 6.5.0 ( - against a MariaDB database.
When i start the app - db table are created - and the version in ACT_GE_PROPERTY & ACT_ID_PROPERTY is

Now in order to run UI apps against the db schema - i used this tutorial - that builds the dockers for mysql from the Flowable code : http://www.canchito-dev.com/public/blog/2019/07/05/run-flowable-bpm-using-docker-and-mysql/

It works just fine - but when applications start up - they modify the version in the PROPERTY tables to 6 .5.1.1. And once i try to restart my spring boot app - it fails because of unknown version.

The code i’m using to build the UI App dockers was taken from flowable-release-6.5.0 branch on the GitHub repository - but it includes migration scripts for version

Is there a way to resolve this ? Currently - i just change back the version in the table every time - but obviously - that is not a solution i can use for all our dev team.
Should i be using the war files instead of building the dockers from code ? If so - i can i configure them to use mysql ?

Thanks again for helping
Inbal Added

Just updating i managed to get a better working solution.
I used the all-in-one docker as a base for creating a docker with all apps connecting to my MariaDB schema.

Works great now