Flowable UI App version 6.5.0


I created a springboot application embedding the flowable engine version 6.5.0 (using the springboot starter). Application is working ok against a mariadb database.
Now i wanted to get the UI apps to work against that database.
I followed the instructions in this tutorial building the dockers from code : http://www.canchito-dev.com/public/blog/2019/07/05/run-flowable-bpm-using-docker-and-mysql/

I took the code from the flowable-6.5.0-release branch on github

The applications start ok and connect to db - but they seem to upgrade the schema version to - resulting in my springboot application not starting with the following error:
Could not update Flowable database schema: unknown version from database: ‘’

I looked at the code of the Apps - and saw that migration from to is there - although the branch is 6.5.0 release.

What would be the easiest way to make it work ?


Me too: Serendipity Server - Quick Start Guide

I’m using PostgreSQL: Serendipity Server - Working with PostgreSQL

See: Serendipity Server - Working with Flowable

Note: The Flowable UI application wars include the H2 database driver. If you want to use a different database then you need to update each war file, for example:

mkdir flowable-idm
mv flowable-idm.war ./flowable-idm
unzip flowable-idm.war
mv postgresql-42.2.14.jar WEB-INF/lib
jar uf0 flowable-idm.war WEB-INF/lib/postgresql-42.2.14.jar

mkdir flowable-task
mv flowable-task.war ./flowable-task
unzip flowable-task.war
mv postgresql-42.2.14.jar WEB-INF/lib
jar uf0 flowable-task.war WEB-INF/lib/postgresql-42.2.14.jar

Thank you for this fast reply
I wanted to use the UI apps not as part of my application - just for development at this stage.
This is why i was trying to create them as dockers - so it will be easy for all the team to run them
And this worked just fine - except for the db schema version issue

I ended up modifying the schema version in db to after the UI apps changed it to - and now Apps & my application work fine against the same schema.
I will just have to do it again if for some reason i stop my UI Apps dockers and restart them (since then i assume the apps will “migrate” my schema to again)