Flowable Database based Dynamic port configuration


How to make Flowable to run on specific port based on database configuration ?

As per current scenario, this thing is properly working based on property files(flowable-ui-app.properties). I want to override that properties on application initialize and set value from databse but not able find the initializer class in flowable apps.

can anyone has any solution for this ?


Which Flowable version are you talking about? Are you also talking about the Flowable UI Apps, the Flowable REST App, or your own application?


Hey @filiphr,

I am talking about flowable version 6.0.0.
Yes, I am also talking about Flowable UI apps and Flowable REST app.


Hey Ankit,

I would highly suggest you to upgrade to the latest 6.4.1 version. If you upgrade then you can follow the instructions in the Flowable UI Applications installation section of our documentation.

For versions before 6.3 you would need to set the db properties in the db.properties file within the applications.


Thanks @filiphr. For more over I am talking about application port(e.g., 8080). I gone through the link given by you, but On which property where i need to change that port and in which property file that I am not getting. can you give me an example, that for flowable-modeler i need to change this particular property or any other.

Thanks in Advance.

Changing the application port depends on how you are deploying the application. If you are using 6.0.0 that means that you are deploying to some Application Servlet. If it is tomcat that you would need to change that.

Have a look at How to change tomcat port number.


@filiphr I am getting this tomcat port change. But I also have to change in all the applications as well. So, in which property i need to change the port from 8080 to other ?

Also one more thing, do I need to change in single file and it will reflect in all the applications OR I need to change application wise property file for port change ?

I am not quite following you. If you are using Flowable 6.0.0 the applications need to be deployed to a Tomcat (or an application server). You can only change the port of the tomcat you can’t change the port of the application it self.

In case you are using 6.3+ then you can run the applications in a standalone mode via java -jar and then use the server.port property to set the port that the application should run.