OpenLDAP Integration - Issues with IDM & user management

Hi all,

After configuring an integration with OpenLDAP, I’m having a bit of trouble managing my users and groups.

One of the issues I seem to be encountering is that the users and groups from LDAP seem to be disconnected from the users/groups in flowable-task.

For example, I create a user via the following REST API Endpoint:


I can see this user now when I do a GET call for the users. I can also see the user in the Flowable DB:

select * from act_id_user;

However, when I go to Flowable IDM, I’m not able to see that user:

I see some users from LDAP, but nothing that I’ve created with my endpoint via flowable-task. Of course, this means that I can’t login with that user, or assign tasks to them with flowable-task/flowable-modeler, etc.

Everything mentioned above also applies to groups.

As a side note, when it comes to configuring groups from OpenLDAP, I’m having some issues as well.

For example, I have a group named TestGroup that only contains test_user1. However, in Flowable IDM, when I select the group it lists every user available.

Did anyone experience similar issues when integrating with OpenLDAP or something similar? Is this an issue with the configuration? Also, how does flowable-idm and flowable-task integrate? My expectation is that the integration with OpenLDAP would have all users in the same database, and that I would be able to use the identity endpoints to retrieve the information.

If anyone could give feedback or point me in the right direction on any of the above, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hey @Catalyst344,

When you are integrating with LDAP then nothing is stored in the Flowable Database. The LdapIdentityService is used instead and the users / groups are fetched via LDAP. You should not use the Flowable REST API to create users or groups in this case.

When you are in Flowable Task can you login with the users that are in LDAP and can you assign tasks to them?

Can you perhaps share the LDAP properties that you have used to configure the applications.

I’d also suggest looking into the flowable-spring-boot-sample-ldap


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