Flowable 6.4.1 IDM


In my application, I already have a database model for Users, Roles, and Privileges, with their own intermediary relationship tables in case of many-to-many relationships.

I am wondering how I can leverage these tables with Flowable IDM instead of using the tables created by Flowable so that I can avoid table synchronization through database triggers or another approach. Is this possible and how do I approach solving this issue?

Secondly, in another application we are developing, we are using Okta OpenID Connect as the identity provider (not LDAP) for SSO. Does Flowable support SSO througn OpenId? If not, any plans for this support?


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Hey Sunil,

In order to use a custom Users, Roles and Privileges you would need to provide your own implementation of the IdmIdentityService. This is the approach that we are using to support LDAP with the LDAPIdentityServiceImpl.

Regarding the OpenID Connection as an identity provider. Currently there is no support for such login for the Flowable UI applications. However, we are open for such a contribution. There is already some work as part of community PR #1447, but it is still WIP.


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