Idm service and management custom implmentation

Hello everyone.
I have a very big enterprise application and I decided to use Flowable as the BPMN and DMN provider. I want to run flowable on a different spring application and use its services on my program.
My problem: User/Group/Privilege management of my application is done through a different program (Oauth server).
What i have so far: I believe i have to re-implement the interfaces in Idm-api so i can use it as the identityservice and identitymanagement and set it inside the idm engine config (since it is separate now). I would appreciate it if anyone can layout a kinda detailed process for me to achieve this. worth mentioning i looked into ldap config example and that didn’t help me much. I’m still confused on how to do this.


Have a look at the LDAP related classes including LDAPIdentityServiceImpl and FlowableLdapAutoConfiguration for more concrete view of the implemention and injection using spring boot auto loader.


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I download flowable source code and i’m trying to rebuild the interfaces like LDAP. I will report the results soon. thank you

Kinda same question I had a few months ago. Not really documented on how to steps but the Custom LDAP will get you in the right direction:

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Indeed. One needs to implement the interfaces like LDAP. One thing to mention is that if anyone using this approach is actually doing it for process group/user management, you better stop. you can easily link your tasks with user/groups with the functionality provided by flowable api. just manage the groups your self, start the flowable inside a spring boot application so you can even add security. there shouldn’t be any case that anyone needs to re-implement these interfaces from scratch as it’s troublesome and in my opinion unnecessary, in any case the solution is as @tjmac offered.