Flowable 6.5 act_id_ tables created - custom identity management

Hi @filiphr @martin.grofcik @tjmac and others!

We are migrating from activiti 5.15 to flowable 6.5 and have implement custom identity management using IdmConfigurator but I see around 9 new tables getting created with ACT_ID_* which are all empty.

It has no side effects but is there a way to disable it. Also are flu_ru_batch & flu_ru_batch_part tables required ?


You can disable the IDM with following yml:

enabled: false

Thanks @tjmac but we are not using docker. Also there is a property IDMEngine disable in configuration which cannot be disabled else my identity management breaks - any thoughts?

The setting ‘idmEnabled’ should then be set on your engine configuration.

If you don’t use the batching features, then no. Note that you might run into troubles later when the automatic db upgrade tries to change something related to those tables.