Module flowable-json-converter and flowable-ui-modeler-frontend missing in 7.0.0.M1

We are trying to upgrade our code from 6.8.0 to 7.0.0.M1 but the Maven dependencies flowable-json-converter and flowable-ui-modeler-frontend seem to be missing with new version.

Are they replaced / superseeded by a different component? Is there any upgrade guide?

Thanks in advance.


Like mentioned in the release notes we have done a first 7 version milestone release focusing on the engines and the Spring Boot and Java 17 upgrade. Therefore you are missing the modules you mention. For now we recommend to stay on the 6.x version if you are using the UI apps, and we will keep the 6.x versions in development for the next year as well.

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Thank you for your answer @tijs

Does this mean that the two modules mentioned above will eventually be part of final 7.0.0?

Or that 7.0.0 will not contain them anyway?

That was a fast response :slight_smile:
This is a decision that has not been made yet, this is something for 2023.
When there is more information we will communicate this on this forum.

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Thank you again, and happy new year :slight_smile: