Flowable-explorer 6.0

I’m trying to update our application from Flowable 5.23 to 6.0.1. However we’re using this package - flowable-explorer. I see in Maven Central that it’s still at version 5.23 instead of 6. Do you plan on updating it? Am I missing something (like it being deprecated or merged into the main package)? In case you’re wondering: from flowable-explorer we use the following classes/interfaces:

import org.activiti.explorer.ui.process.simple.editor.SimpleTableEditorConstants;
import org.activiti.workflow.simple.converter.WorkflowDefinitionConversion;
import org.activiti.workflow.simple.converter.WorkflowDefinitionConversionFactory;
import org.activiti.workflow.simple.converter.json.SimpleWorkflowJsonConverter;
import org.activiti.workflow.simple.definition.WorkflowDefinition;


In Flowable 6 we moved to new UI applications written in Angular JS instead of the Flowable Explorer that was written in Vaadin. The classes you mention are not there anymore in Flowable 6 because they were used solely by the Flowable Explorer for the simple process editor. Are you using these classes for a specific use case? Could you elaborate a bit on this, so we can understand if we should included these classes in Flowable 6 as well?

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We have the following method:

public String convertToProcessDefinition(Model modelData) {
	RepositoryService repositoryService = processEngine.getRepositoryService();

	try {
		if (SimpleTableEditorConstants.TABLE_EDITOR_CATEGORY.equals(modelData.getCategory())) {
			WorkflowDefinition workflowDefinition = new SimpleWorkflowJsonConverter()

			WorkflowDefinitionConversion conversion =
				new WorkflowDefinitionConversionFactory().createWorkflowDefinitionConversion(workflowDefinition);
			return conversion.getBpmn20Xml();

		JsonNode editorNode = new ObjectMapper().readTree(repositoryService.getModelEditorSource(modelData.getId()));
		BpmnJsonConverter converter = new BpmnJsonConverter();
		BpmnModel bpmnModel = converter.convertToBpmnModel(editorNode);
		byte[] bpmnBytes = new BpmnXMLConverter().convertToXML(bpmnModel);

		return new String(bpmnBytes, StandardCharsets.UTF_8);
	} catch (IOException exception) {
		LOGGER.error("Error exporting model to BPMN XML", exception);
		throw new FlowableException("Error exporting model to BPMN XML", exception);

And this is where we used those classes - in the commented out code. I didn’t invent this, I actually stole it from somewhere (I think somewhere in the Activiti) codebase. Anyway this is not a big problem for us so I’m not sure you need to include those classes.

As for the UI webapp - Activiti had a modeler app written in AngularJS. Are you talking about the same one? Is this the one here:

There’s a few new AngularJS apps that provide more functionality than the old Explorer app. They’ve been separated out to make them more generally useful. They’re in the modules directory named flowable-ui-*

E.g. https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/tree/master/modules/flowable-ui-task