How much of the Activi web editor is in flowable?

Just trying to understand if the drag and drop process editor, eg this one, is available in flowable?

I went to clone the repo, and tried to run
But got maven errors complaining about missing dependencies

ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project flowable-ui-modeler-logic: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.flowable:flowable-ui-modeler-logic:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.flowable:flowable-engine:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-bpmn-model:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-bpmn-converter:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-bpmn-layout:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-process-validation:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-image-generator:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-json-converter:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-dmn-xml-converter:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-dmn-json-converter:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-form-model:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT, org.flowable:flowable-form-json-converter:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT: Failure to find org.flowable:flowable-engine:jar:6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT in was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of sonatype-nexus-snapshots has elapsed or updates are forced -> [Help 1]

And I downloaded the distribution, but there are no simple instructions or scripts I could see of how to start up a server or the UI?

I just wanted to check it out really, and see what it looks like… are there even any current screen shots?

Hi, we switched the master branch to version 6 of Flowable (which isn’t released yet).
The released version 5 is now on a branch
The Flowable Explorer of 5.22.0 still includes the Modeler.
In version 6 the Modeler is a standalone web application, but it also needs the flowable-ui-idm web application to be available for authentication.
To solve the issues you are running into now, you can build the artefacts on the root of the project with mvn clean install -DskipTests -Pcheck and then run the script again. But make sure you have the flowable-ui-idm application running as well.
We are working hard to get a new version 6 release out and this will includes documentation as well. So the instructions are a bit lacking currently.

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Thanks for the help, will try this.

So just to be clear “the Modeler” is the editor in the above screen shot, as used in the Activiti cloud version, and its under a liberal licence - ASL&MIT?

Also, noticed that the apps are angular, any plans to migrate to Angular 2 + Typescript ?

Thanks for the obvious big effort you guys are putting into making this all continue to be available as OSS.



Managed to get the build running, but both servers fail at trying to connect to a DB.
Looks like the idm is trying to connect to mysql by default, and modeller to a H2 by default.
Whats the best way to configure the connection when running them by the start scripts? They just need empty databases?

Hi Jon,

Yes that’s the modeler and it’s available with Apache license.
Yes the apps are angular based. We are looking at Angular 2, but no concrete plans yet to move.
You can change the db settings in the src/main/resources/META-INF/flowable-idm-app/ for the IDM app and a similar location for the Modeler app. Only an empty database is needed indeed. We’ve tested with a MySQL or Postgres database that’s used for both the IDM and Modeler app, so that’s best to test with for now.

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Jon, do you want to work on this with me? I am thinking I want to contribute an Angular 2 version of the UI.

Kentoj, I am working on migrating flowable modeler UI Angular JS to Angular 2 version of the UI.

I like to work with you on these angular 2 version of the flowable UI.

Awesome! Are you working with a GitHub repo?

Also, should we upgrade to Angular 5? I have been looking into React lately and I really like React, as well as Redux. Have you looked at React?

Kentoj, No I am working an angular2-cli only.
You have any idea about oryx-editor-code integration into angular2 cli project. If you have any idea means please message me. In, flowable-ui-modeler they are integrating oryx-editor-code into angular JS.
Now, I am trying to integrate ORYX-Editor-Code with angular2 cli project.
Are you working with any repo?