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We are using activiti actively and one of the important components is the modeler. Are going to continue with this part in Flowable?

Yes, we will. In fact, in the current master branch, the modeler has been extracted into an application that stands on itself:, flowable-modeler-app module. The next version of the v6 (new beta or RC, not sure about name yet), will contain this.

Hi Joram, how will this work. I was always under the impression that the Oryx components of the modeler (and the web based modeler itself) we licenced differently and not compatible with Apache 2.0.

Hi Greg, The Oryx components are MIT licensed and therefore also compatible with the Apache 2.0 license. At least this is how I understand it. What is your take on it?

The provided link doesn’t work. Has the UI-module been taken off github?

No, we’ve been moving around modules to make the modeler application fully standalone. The code is now here:

What is also new is that it also needs the identity application running:

The documentation for this is planned for this week or next week.

Hey Tijs, Yes, as far as I know MIT is compatible with Apache 2.0.
My only concern is at the time the Oryx components were forked for KissBPM, they were LGPL licensed.
Now, you may have pulled a newer version after Signavio abandoned the project (or at least pulled it in house) which may be MIT.

This license stuff gets really tricky when you change from one license to another. Some code is still protected by the original license, some with the new license.

Hi Greg,

The Oryx components that are part of Flowable (and of Activiti) are MIT licensed. I agree that the change from LGPL to Apache license isn’t very clear, but all of the code that’s part of the Flowable project is Apache licensed, there’s no exception. So we might have made things unclear in the past, but no it’s very easy, it’s all Apache license.

We’ll do a full scan through the sources to make sure the license headers are correct. The Oryx components should have the original license headers from the Oryx project, which is an MIT license.

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Hello do you have the documentation on how to set up flowable web modeler ready now

Sorry posted before…Hello do you have the documentation on how to set up flowable web modeler ready now


Running mvn clean install -DskipTests -Pdistro from the root of the project and then from modules/flowable-ui-modeler ./ should work. We also require to run the idm app for single sign-on between the different ui apps as well. You can start the idm app from the modules/flowable-ui-idm folder with ./

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I want to use only flowable modeler. I will authenticate it through other application.
Can i do that & how ?


Of course. This filter is used in the UI applications to check for a specific cookie:

You could replace that filter with your own logic, or provide another implementation of the RemoteIdmService.

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Hello!Tijs, I want to put the modeler source in my project, but after consolidation, found my original request mapping address blocked off, not normal visit, return a 403 error, what is the intercept strategy of flowable source code?What I introduced was
Gradle compile (’ org. Flowable: flowable - spring - the boot - starter - basic: 6.2.1 ‘), the compile (’ org. Flowable: flowable - UI - modeler - logic: 6.2.1 ').I springboot project, in the application class I joined @ ComponentScan (basePackages = {" com. Augurit ", “org. Flowable. App. Service”, “org. Flowable. App. The repository”}) package path scanning, the first local application path for me;This is not the problem with the introduction of flowable-spring-boot-starter-basic, which will be followed by the introduction of org.flowable:flowable-ui-modeler-logic.Please answer it, thank you very much!

bumping this thread

Are there an plans to move away from the Oryx based modeler?
What are the provisions to extend the current modeler for customizations?

I have an affinity toward and would love to see some sort of similar patterns offered in Flowable. If they are can you direct me towards them?

Hey Vaneet,

There’s no current plans to move away from the Oryx core, but things can always change. There’s not another liberally licensed alternative at the moment, so that does limit options. In terms of extending the modeler, there are possibilities and we are going to do some more on this in the future.


Hi Tijs,

Above commands working successfully in my local machine. however when i try http://localhost:8080/flowable-idm it was throwing 404 error - page not found.

Please suggest if i am missing any thing here.


Hi Sankar,

Did you start the IDM app using the ./ script? Do you see it has started up successfully?

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Issue: mysql was not setup locally, after mysql setup i have to create ‘flowable’ user and ‘flowable’ password in db followed by ‘flowable’ database. then there was a port collision issue - have to kill other processes running on 8080 port. after all these, finally ./ was running successfully.

However, though i am now able to access http://localhost:8080/flowable-idm/#/user-mgmt
how can i access other modules like flowable-ui-modeler. please suggest.
http://localhost:8080/flowable-modeler and
http://localhost:8080/flowable-ui-modeler giving empty web-page response.