Flowable UI app maven repository does not have 7.0.0 support

Hi, I noticed that flowable UI application did not get updated for 7.0.0 in Maven repository. Examples like



Is there a plan to update these repositories?



Hey @carbon_60,

Have a look at the forum announcement, our blog post and the release notes.


Thanks, Filip.

I did see flowable engine 7.0.0 release announcement and noticed that many flowable Maven repositories have been updated with version 7.0.0, but not all of them. The two particular ones I linked above still stay at version 6.8.0. I would like to know if these components will be updated with version 7.0.0 later or Flowable has no plan to continue supporting these components for 7.0.0?

I think that you missed some parts of the Blog post. More specifically the paragraph that starts with:

Another change implemented in version 7, involves the exclusion of the Flowable UI applications.

The links you are referring to in your post are the Flowable UI applications. In the blog post (see quoted text above) we explained what is happening with them.


Thanks, Filip, for pointing it out.

I guess now the modeler is no longer open-source?

The modeler (web based/Eclipse plugin) for 6.8.0 would still be open source, but my guess is that those modelers may not be able to create process definitions compatible for future open-source Flowable engine although it might be compatible now. Is that a fair statement?

Obviously, without modeler compatible to future Flowable engine releases, one cannot effectively use the Flowable engine as open-source. Although technically Flowable engine is open-source for now and for the foreseeable future, it becomes difficult for anyone to really use it without the close-sourced web designer which also is not really free because there are limited number of free exports. So in a way, Flowable has scaled back its open-source commitment and makes the open-source part of the flowable engine effectively unusable unless also using closed-sourced commercial designer.


I agree with @carbon_60
Do we get desktop modeler like the way camunda provided the desktop modeler to model the process ?
We wont be able to use cloud to model our processes due to org security ploicy .
understand that operational capabilites can be managed via rest api’s i.e admin app is not required. Without modeler, flowable is not useful and we are forced to move on with alternative BPMN engine because had to use only complete open source tech stack .


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Flowable has invested a lot to develop a brand new editor and this is made available on cloud.flowable.com. If this doesn’t work because of company policies etc, there would be nothing against keeping to use the web based Modeler of Flowable 6.x. This creates proper BPMN and CMMN XML files for example, which will work with Flowable 7.x as well. But of course we recommend to use the new editor if possible.

Best regards

Thanks @tijs

Yes correct ,Modeler of Flowable 6.x and Flowable engine 7.x works well .

however in such case eventually will end up using old designer with upgraded engine .
we will not be able to use any new feature in the process model in case if anything is added and stuck with old modeler.


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My mistake ,Flowable 6.8.0 is only working with Flowable 7.0.0.M1 .
Moment upgrade to Flowable 7.0.0 .the values in the table ACT_GE_PROPERTY is getting updated with “7.0.0” .

Getting below error :

Caused by: org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableException: Could not update Flowable database schema: unknown version from database: '

However with Flowable 7.0.0.M1 the values in the table ACT_GE_PROPERTY table is not updated

thus not able work with modeler with latest version of Flowable 7.0.0

@hashdhi ,

If you run it on the same database then you are correct. But what I meant is that you can run the 6.x UI application on a separate database schema, and then export a BPMN XML file or App zip there and deploy that on a 7.x version. That should work fine.

Best regards

Thanks @tijs

However, if we use different schema then admin app wont work . Only we can model the workflow .

Although modeler might still work as @tijs suggested for 7.0.0, how about compatibility with future engine versions? I doubt flowable will commit to ensure the compatibility between 6.8.0 modeler and future engine releases.