Leave subprocess without completing it

Hi, I have a use case I’m not sure how to represent it using Flowable.

I have a main process that has a call to another child process with a Call Activity. The child process is composed of several user tasks and, at some point, it needs to wait for some events until continuing his work. At this point, while the child process is waiting, we want to re-activate the parent process to be able to complete other user tasks.

Is there a way to model this with BPMN?


HI ,

you can achieve this with signal throwing task,
make the remaining child process (process 1) in the parent process parallel to the child process (process 2) which you explained above.
then you can place the signal receiving task on the parent process before the call activity of process 1. you can send a signal inside the process 2 during your wait time .


Thank you!

One extra question, following this pattern, would it be better to communicate processes with signals or with events? what is the main difference?