Performance is bad on completing the called sub process

Hi All, i am using Flowable 6.7.0 and i am using some nested subprocess calls as below. so process calls a subprocess and subprocess further calls another subprocess and so on.I am using CallActivity task to call subprocess.

Process → subprocess → subprocess → subprocess

It is taking time to start various activity and also after the last activity it is taking more time. Can i know the reason or root cause why it is taking time to complete sub process ? and also in which release this will be fixed?

Hey @YoginderSingh,
Can you share a bit more information about your model?

So i have various processes and subprocesses deployed and i am calling them from one process having call activity and the subprocess called in that activity is having another call activity. like this i am calling so for example:

<callActivity id=“callactivity1” name="Subprocess1" calledElement="sp_subprocess1"flowable:inheritBusinessKey=“true” flowable:inheritVariables=“true”>
<flowable:in sourceExpression="false" target="var1"/>\n
<flowable:out source="output" target="op"/>\n

<callActivity id=“callactivity2” name="Subprocess2" calledElement="sp_subprocess2"flowable:inheritBusinessKey=“true” flowable:inheritVariables=“true”>
<flowable:in sourceExpression="false" target="var2"/>\n
<flowable:out source="op" target="op2"/>\n

So process1 is calling subprocess1 and subprocess1 is calling subprocess2

How big are changes done in one transaction?

So, in each subprocess there are majorly 5 6 service tasks.
I also tried to have only one task in the nth level subprocess even assignment using javascript is taking more than 3 seconds to complete.
Is there is something specific which is causing this issue?

Share simple jUnit test to reproduce the issue.


This is not possible to reproduce in a simple junit.
I see another issue raised previously is this issue resolved ?

Why? If it is not possible to reproduce, isn’t the problem in the application code?


This is my use case please go through this if you require anything i will also provide. it is not feasible to reproduce in single junit but here is everything about process and the issue i am facing.if you need anything else please let me know i will provide.

My guess:

the process instance tries to commit plenty of data in one transaction. Another problem could be that rest call is synchronous so transaction waits till the rest call is finished.
To really help I would need jUnit test.
My guess is that simple jUnit test does not reproduce the issue. Try to mock service tasks to reproduce the issue?

i have my custom delegate for the rest call and i have loggers in place to check how much time it took and it is actually very less but when after its completion flowable is taking more time to end the rest task and start the next task.
Also in assignment which is not a big task it is taking 3 seconds sometimes to just complete it.

I have attached one more link above is that issue fix because it seems it is the same issue.

Hey @YoginderSingh can you prepare a unit test as @martin.grofcik asked? Without a unit test we cannot look for what this could be caused by.

I would also suggest to you that you try with the latest 7.0.1 version of Flowable and see if you are having the same issues.