Service getting stuck in Sub-process

Environment Details:
FLowable 6.4.0 running in springBoot environment.
deployed in JBOSS 7.1.0
DB : MS SQL Server

When we trigger a process, case will move to sub-process. Once the sub-process completed it should come back to parent process, but when the flowable is busy it will show all the task and inside sub-process completed but the case is still stuck in sub process.

In Parent process it shows control is present in sub-process, but in sub-process all task is completed and even end process task executed.

If the flowable is not busy case will route properly.

Please help us to fix this issue, Thanks

Please find the attached screen shot for details.Subprocess


It’s difficult to see what is really implemented without the BPMN XML. But are you using a call activity to start this sub process? I see a service task being executed after the sub process, could it be that this service task fails to execute? If it’s possible to write a unit test showing the problem then it also helps a lot to reproduce the issue on our end.

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  1. BPMN Flow has a Call Activity
  2. This Call activity is common service handler - where we post jms msg and waits for a response (human step)
  3. Once the response is received , this response steps gets completed via message event and moves to end for completion of service call activity