Sub Process Instance (Call Activity) optional

I would like to be able to complete a Process Instance even if there is a sub process instance (callActivity) that is not yet finished.

Follow the example below :


I want the endEvent to terminate the process Instance even if TEST3 is not yet finished or is in process. And I do not want to wait for its result either if it is too slow.

Is it possible to do this properly ?
I have checked around the signals events, terminate endEvents and other things but I did not manage to find something that works.


Loic Seguin

Use an End terminating event and set it’s ‘terminate all’ property to true.

No I don’t want to stop TEST3, I want TEST3 to finish its work and the parent process should continue.
The goal is to have an optional process instance, independently from its status the parent should continue.

I would say that it isn’t possible considering that you are supposed to finish all parallel branches before the process ends. If you want to do that, you have to create your task not as a call activity (which links the subprocess to the main one), but as an independent process (the task just creates a new process then continue).

Hey @slolo83,
you can use service tasks with expressions like ${runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey("someKey")}.



Heh interesting use of ‘terminate’, hence my previous reply.
However what your propose isn’t possible with a call activity.

We would ‘solve’ this use cases by calling a HTTP task which calls the Flowable REST API to start a new TEST3 process. Obviously mapping of variables should be performed, we prefer a script task to build the body and reference that in the HTTP Task-body property.