Kudos to the Flowable Team

I don’t know all of you by name, though some of you have definitely responded to my posts in the past.

I came from a prior project where I used IBM BPM. About 3-4 years ago, I did a technology review of the BPMN engines on the market and the ones I found all seemed to be following that same model of “We will do everything for you, because we will decide how your customer should do things.” Or as I liked to explain it, I was being pressed by marketing people to buy a bicycle with the training wheels welded onto it, an electric motor, and a GPS. Really I just wanted a bike.

Then I found Flowable, and discovered a software framework that offered me as much or as little functionality as I wanted/needed. As I’ve gotten deeper into the software development and encounter more and more requirements of my customers, I have yet to find a workflow problem that Flowable can’t resolve. And not only has Flowable been able to solve my problems, they’re all what I could describe as novel solutions (meaning it doesn’t take tons of code to solve, just a few API calls and some processing logic).

I’ll also pair this with the fact that Flowable team who reads these boards and responds really know their stuff and care. It makes this something that’s really a joy to use, and it’s not just my own opinion. The others devs I’ve worked on my team have all been really impressed with the tool, and I haven’t heard anyone really speak out against it (quite the opposite). So I wanted to put together a thank you on behalf of myself and my dev team for continuing to build an amazing product, and look forward to where you are headed in the future.


Dear @jeff.gehly ,

Good to hear such a fantastic feedback.
Its really encouraging for newbies like me.


– zikzakjack