Gartner Magic Quadrant

Hi folks,

I’m a fan of Flowable open-source for 3 years. Want to present Flowable Enterprise’s one of the use cases “Conversational Engagement”. And, I want to get a very good comparison of BPM tools. So, I can answer questions like "Why only Flowable?"

When I have gone through Gartner MQ, I found Appian and others as performers.

  1. Are there any specific reasons why Flowable is not listed on MQ? How should we see this?
  2. Who are the competitors to Flowable?


In the open source world we’ve never felt it appropriate to talk directly about competitors, as that isn’t the vibe we’ve ever had for the community. Personally, I don’t think there’s a better set of automation engines out there, so my answer is no competition :wink:

Gartner MQ is a mix of market and commercial stuff. We try and avoid commercial discussions in the community as well. Again, just the vibe we like the community to have. If you have commercial interests, then there’s commercial routes to Flowable.

Hope that helps you understand where we’re coming from.