„Flowable in Action: Executable business processes in BPMN 2.0“ upcoming, Tijs?

Dear Tijs, the above book was a great resource to get going with Activity at that time, especially also describing end2end integrations with Alfresco ECM, databases, Mail Server, Esper, etc. I assume many of the code and examples from that book can still be leveraged with Flowable? Are you planning a new similar book but now updated with Flowable as a basis?


Yes most of the code can still be leveraged with Flowable, but the project has evolved quite a bit as well of course, with new CMMN and DMN engines and new UI Apps. We have been talking about writing a Flowable book quite a bit already, the only problem at the moment is to find the time to write it :slight_smile:
So the interest is definitely there to write it, just need to find a good moment to start writing it.

Best regards,