Integration with heterogenous data

Is it possible to Integrate flowable with heterogenous source of data and multiple protocols while framing decision without data persistence?


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I’m having some trouble understanding what you are asking, can you please elaborate? I think you want to consume multiple data sources of different types (mongo and mysql for example) and execute a process without persisting Flowable’s data structure. If that is your question, the answer should be yes.


Hi wwitt,
Thank you for your response. Let me explain.

  1. Flowable to steer the event processes including the data load – temporal complexity (time control and decision capabilities)
    ( We are planning to use Flowable in the PUB/SUB event driven process)
  2. Is there any specific best practices to be followed ?
  3. Integration harnessing for heterogeneous sources of data & multiple protocols to handle while framing any decision without persisting data

For points 1/2, have a look at our recent presentation around events here:

This will be part of the 6.5.0 release.

Not sure I’m understanding point 3. Can you give an example of what you mean?