How to use executive gateways?

Hi everyone !

So in my process I need some executive gateways, but they don’t seem to work.

Here are some captures of the elements I use.

This is my process:

This is the condition I’ve put on the link from the gateway to the next operation:

And then this is the possible outcomes from the form I use:

When I click on “Valider” or “Refuser” in the tasks app, this error pops out and I can’t go to the next step:
“Unknown property used in expression: ${conges == “Valider”}”

What should I use/change in order for my gateways to work as they are supposed to ?

Thanks !!


try to search for ${conges == “Valider”}” in your model. I would say that there is a condition on the output sequence flows which is causing that.

Use debugger to debug the process instance.


Ok found it !

When using special outcomes with the form, you should use :
{form_nameOfYourForm_outcome == ‘value’}

Thanks for pointing out the debug tool Martin !