How to model a progress Task?

I’m facing a process that has tasks with will last several sessions. I was thinking instead of creating a task of the same time each time a session is finish, to do something like a “Save” Action that doesn’t finish the task, only saving a field indicating the progress value. In this task will be still alive until another action like “Done” has used.


Hi Toni,

Could provide more details please?


Hi Martin,

I will to explain the use case.

The task is to read a list of webs, let’s imagine there are 20 webs. So the user Claim that task and start to work, and in some moment stop to follow later, after 12 webs visited. He will be helpful to keep in the task how many webs has visited at the moment, to come back to it for finish it.

Is like a look in the task, the user come back to the task until he notifiy is if finish. May be can be done using two tasks, named “Web Reading” and “Web Reading in Progress”, the outcome of the last one can be “Finish” or “Not Finish”.
Make it sense ? or any other option ?



I would suggest to create list of tasks (multiinstance behaviour and user can complete each task after the web is read. Progress can be easily tracked.

(If it is not acceptable another solution could be to update process variable (list of visited webs) and base reporting on this variable. Variable could be replaced with the external system.)


Hi Martin,

Great !
Multiinstance behaviour is a very interesting solution for model this progress work.
I will analyse further to decide between this and having a variable with completed progress.