How to model Task with decision

Hi all,

I’m new on flowable and confused about some basic concept. Let’s say I have a User Task (namely userTask1) which the assignee should make a decision. For example; let’s say there are 3 possible option (namely option1, option2 and option3) . In the bpmn diagram, a Gateway (gateway1) is appended right after the userTask1 with 3 flow. Sample diagram is below.


  1. I need the possible options for userTask1 when the User requests its waiting tasks.
  2. When the User selects one of the possible option (let’s say option2) , engine should automatically follow the flow, gateway1 with option2 path.

My questions are;

  1. When designing the bpmn process (using bpmn-io js), how the User can define the possible options?
  2. Is it possible to use FormData in Task to define options?
  3. When the User requests its waiting tasks, how can I get the possible actions?
  4. How the User can send his/her selection and flowable engine proceed with the selected flow?

First, here’s an excellent walk through for Flowable:

To answer your questions:

  1. The flows out of the exclusive gateway must have conditions on them so that the gateway can choose the correct path. If your conditions are more complex than evaluating a single variable, I’d suggest having a decision task immediately before the gateway setting a single variable to evaluate.
  2. I think you’re asking if you can use data from the forms engine. If you use the Flowable Forms engine to create a form, the values from the form are stored as process variables and can be evaluated by the gateway.
  3. I’m not entirely certain what your question is, can you give an example?
  4. Which sequence flow is followed is determined by evaluating variables. The user task would need to set a variable so that it can be evaluated.