Multi instance task completion


We have a task in a process flow that allows the user specify an indeterminate number of users who must act in parallel in the next step of the process flow. To do this, we store the users in a collection type variable and we define the following task as a multi-instance task that iterates over the stored collection.
The problem we have with these parallel tasks is that we need that as soon as one of the users finishes their task, the next task in the flow must be activated without the rest of the parallel instances disappearing (which happens if we establish the completion condition on multi instance task).

If we don’t use completion condition, the next task is not activated until all parallel instances have finished.

Functionally, the process flow is something like this…

…but we can’t modelate the process so, because the number of parallel tasks is indeterminate and variable.

Any help would be apreciated

Hi @cjcantero

What do you expect when you complete the “Next task” task ? The process gets completed and all the pending “Task per user” tasks will be terminated OR the process gets only completed when the other pending “Task per user” tasks are completed?


Next Task" cannot be finished until all parallel tasks finish, but we need to activate “Next Task” because each parallel task, when is finished (and the user decides so), adds a candidate group to “Next Task”, and in that moment, users in that candidate group can operate with “Next task” by attaching documents or adding comments about the task.

You could model it with a subprocess:

In the exclusive gateway you check if the Next Task is aready created or not.

Thanks a lot! Your solution it’s working right in my process.

I was obsessed with the multi-instance task and the single gateway. Sometimes, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

Thanks again