Parallel tasks finished by minimal approval count

I am creating some dynamic process based on DMN table, which contains approvers for actual level meeting conditions, this is handled by scripts which are seting values into variable which is used in form as assignee, it all works fine.
But I would need some parallelization, eg. I want 4 assignees in assignee form, while I want to evaluate this task as approved when at least 2 task performers Approve, and rejected when at least 1 task performer Reject. This have to be dynamic, so this condition have to be taken from variable eg. MIN_APPROVALS = 2, while this variable can be changed in script task based on decision task (DMN Table). Is this approach possible ?


You can use a multi instance embedded sub process or user task to implement the parallel behaviour. On a multi instance element you can define the completion condition and this can be an expression:

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Thank you very much, this is exactly what I needed, I am creating multi-instance sub-process in which I have user form and script to increment my variable with number of approvals and number of rejects while finish condition is ${noOfApprovals > min_approval_count || noOfRejects > min_reject_count}.
You made my day tijs!