A place for logic for calculating outcome value of parallel multi-instance user task?


please help me with an example on creating bpmn model logic when there is a parallel multi-instance user task having 2 custom outcomes to complete the step (e.g. “Approved” or “Rejected”) and after that the course of process should change depending on if 1/3 of all users had ended task with “Rejected” value.

short expression of what I said above:
start event → user multitask step (Approve/Reject) → exclusive gateway → default path OR path when 1/3 of users had Rejected) → end event

I also noticed this article about aggregation possibilities in 6.6.1. future version: Multi Instance Variable Aggregation – Flowable Blog
which as I understand will ease this kind of logic, but please give some xml.bpmn example on how is possible to create such logic now (the hard way I guess)?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @inguspu,

The article you shared is the approach we recommend using for such a scenario. We are planning to do a release of 6.7 (that will contain this), so I would ask you to wait for a little while :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


Thank you for the answer.
Unfortunately the deadlines are pretty close, so that is why I was interested on how to do it now even if it is no as easy.
Still any prognosis when should 6.7 be available? If it’s couple of weeks away then it can wait…