Flowable multi instance user task and form outcomes

i have a porcess which looks like this

the user task in multi-instance task and has form attached to it where users can accept and reject the task.
the requirement is if any of the user rejects the form the process should end and if all the users accept the task it should move further.

how can i achieve this?

I would switch your accepted and rejected paths and use a terminate end event in the case that any user rejects. The accepted path should (ultimately) end in a regular end event as it does now.

However you will need to take care of what happens if the rejection does not come from the first user. Say that service task has executed one or more times and then the rejection occurs. Is some compensation required to undo the service task executions?

Best, Tim

You can use a multi-instance subprocess with an error boundary event. Any instance that rejects takes the path to the error throwing end point in the sub process: