How to design BPMN in a hieracl desicion making senarial enviroment?

I am new to Flowable engine, and I think you have done great work on decision making processes in the real world. I met couple of challenges when implemented Flowable in my application, I believe you already have solution to them:

  1. In a real organization, the length of decision making path from the lower department to the top of the department differs from one to another, so how can I design a BPMN flow flexible hierarchically to the organization?

  2. If a user has made a decision , later, how to let the workflow automatically skip the decision making of the same user in the following user tasks?

Could you please point me how to solve it? Many thanks.

just few possibilities:

  1. Loop
  2. recursion
  3. multiinstance (if size is know at the beginning)

Do not assign task to the user (e.g. remove him from multiinstance list of assignees for given task).


Thanks so much for reply. Yes, it is what I wanted. Is there any example of how to do Loop, recursion and multiinstance?

multiinstance - plenty of in the jUnit tests,
loop - it is really simple.
recursion - try it by your own → call activity with the same process definition key.