How to add own project dependencies to flowable rest war deployment

Hello, I want to deploy flowable rest along side my own project dependencies as jar file which also contains the service Task.pls how do I go about this

Hi Mikado,

there are several approaches possible depending on what you are trying to do or what you prefer.
You could add your jars to the Tomcat lib folder. That way they will be added to the classpath.
With this approach you have a webapp with Flowable REST pre configured.

Or you could do it the other way around. Adding the Flowable REST dependencies / jars to your own webapp. But then you need to configure it. For this you can take a look at the Flowable Rest APP.




Could you also help with spring boot app? We have kubernetes based deployment and we are using official docker images for deploying rest jar? I want to add TaskListener/EventListener java jars into spring boot classpath. Tried doing -Dloader.path while starting java jar but it gives no class found exception. Not sure how to proceed with this.

Thanks in advance.