Recommended way to deploy flowable

I have a query related to deployment of flowable modules i.e. flowable-task, flowable-rest etc on my production machine.
There are two scenarios :

  1. Using Tomcat:
    What I am doing is deploy all the wars in tomcat and when they are completely deployed, I am adding an external jar to WEB-INF/lib and then restart tomcat to reflect it.
    -> slow to deploy changes but no need to rebuild all projects where external jar is added.

  2. Using spring boot:
    Instead of deploying in tomcat I will rebuild all the flowable modules with my external jar added in pom and deploy it on production
    -> fast to deploy but rebuilding again and again is required for any small changes made.

What you all think is the better way to deploy flowable or is there any other recommendable approach?

Thanks and regards

Hi, I want to deploy flowable ui application with spring boot. I see u did it with scenarios 2, can u show me the detail or some source code to do that?