How to create custom rest api and make it as part of flowable-task



I want to create custom rest api and make it as part of flowable-task webb-inf/lib folder. Can some one please tell me in which package i need to place my rest controller so that it will be scanned my flowable-task.

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Unable to call custom rest api

Hey Srikanth,

The flowable-task app is a Spring Boot application. Which means that you can create your own jar that would contain a spring boot auto configuration (registered through spring.factories in META-INF) and that auto configuration would scan your own packages and create your own rest endpoints.




Thank you for your reply. I have created a spring application and placed that jar in web-inf/lib folder of flowable-task. All my packages are scanned properly, but when i am trying to call my custom webservices, it is redirecting to Flowable-IDM logn page. How to bypass this and directly call my webservice with basic authentication.

I am unable to test my service from postman/restclient also. Kindly help me.

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I have already replied to you here. For the future please do not double post the same question as it is more difficult to find the correct answer.


hi @filiphr,
sorry distr you. I want to create my custom REST too. when i look to project, i am thinking Flowable-Rest package better placa. Am i write? if no, where i have to developt my custom Rest class.
For example; i have mail sender service. but i dont know ID.(i dont need to know id), just i know mail TO object. How can i use this object and start process ?

thank yoı