How to add costume modules in Flowable 6.7.1 and Build it

I am using the Flowable engine 6.7.1 (github), and I wanted to add my own some TaskListeners in the flowable. how to create new modules in Flowable 6.7.2, and how to build them, previous version 6.4.1 has the all-in-one folder with script and docker file to build the docker image, but the newer version doesn’t have it.

  • I created a new Maven Module called foo and added it to the folder modules folder.

  • foo module has some sample Task Listener

  • Inside floable-ui (parent) module, I added foo as a dependency.

  • After running I obtained a docker image, which does not have foo.jar in its libs dir

  • Also when I add Task Listener it crashes with Class Not Found exception (linked to previous problem).

  • Similar exercise worked fine for Flowable 6.4.x

  • Also is there a documented way for adding Task Listener (I didnt find a doc for writing custom listeners)


Can you verify that the foo dependency is correctly resolved by Maven when building Flowable UI App?
The Docker image that is build with Maven and assembles all the dependencies from the flowable-ui-app module.



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Thank You for your help, I tried it and its working. :slightly_smiling_face: