Flowable UI Build

I have problems building the new flowable 6.6 UI App. I want to package a war but even if i build the aggregator only the rest app is build. None of the scripts are helping. How can I build the UI App which contains all 4 apps ?


  1. build all dependencies by running scripts/build-all.sh
  2. build flowable-ui by running mvn clean install -DskipTests in modules/flowable-ui

This will provide you with a flowable-ui.war in the flowable-ui-app sub module.



Great, thanks it worked!
It was not clear fro me that I had to switch to this specific module dir. I thougt “build-all” would build all.
Nevertheless many thanks for the fast reply!

Also: the reason why I need to build my own flowable-ui-app is because I wanted to enable flowable5compability but the App does not seem to support this. I know one can set a property and add the dependency in his own project but how would you change this behaviour in the ui-app without building the app yourself?