How to create a flowable build?


I want to create a flowable release (wars) with some custom config (database, custom libs) similar to the download available here:

How is the downloadable zip created? Is it from flowable-engine github?

Thanks, N.


I have done the similar thing. You can just clone the flowable github repo. change the flowable-ui-“apps” modules with your configurations and then run

mvn clean install -DskipTests

inside each flowable-ui-“apps”

If you just want to change the db configs and some basic configs, you don’t need to build the flowable-ui- yourself. You can just deploy the wars provided by default on the server and can change the value of properties in file which is available under deployed folder at location “apps”/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/flowable-ui-app/

Refer to these scripts for each ui app available in github repo :

To Build Complete flowable app :

Also, look around in the scrips folder of github repo. It will help you with what you want.

Arpit Agrawal