Help for design a diagram

Hi there, im working on the next diagram:

The diagram is a review process, with the following description:

When some client contact a seller and want to make a contract with the company, the seller has to recolect some documents from the client, and send it to operations.
So at the start of the process I have the next form

The seller upload the files of the client and send it to operations analyst, the operations analyst can aprove or disaprove the documentation, through this form

In case of disaproval, the seller will receive a task with the comments captured by operations analyst in the next form:

And I have some doubts about how to achieve the next steps:
1.- show the uploaded files in the form showed to operations analyst, for inspection
2.-show the comments captured by the operations analyst to the seller in case of disaproval

Anyone has a example diagram of some task like this?

Any help wold be very apreciated.

Best regards.


Through the screen prints your doubts have almost all been implemented.
1 - To show the files loaded in another activity is to create a new form using the same ID in the fields and in the case of attachment it is interesting to mark as read only, since in editing mode the user can not see the attachment and link this form to Desired activity.
2 - To show the comments captured by the operation is to create a form with an Expression field (use the $ {text field ID}) or even a Text field (read only).

Are your doubts really the same?

Hi @robsoncardoso.ti thanks for you answer, yes these are my doubts, but I was thinking of use the content manager class and a lot of things more, I think I need a coffe for clearing my mind.

Well, I will try the aproach given by you on the point 1, the point 2 is already resolved.

I will comment the results.

Thank you.

Best regards.

Hi @robsoncardoso.ti I was making some excersises on the diagram, now I have a problem, meybe you could help me.
I think its a very basic question, in the next screen, of the form modeler:

How can I mark as read only the fields?

Because in the result, I see the next output:

As you can see the uload field for showing the atachemment is in edit mode and if I click the field the field becomes editable and, show the dragn drop UI.

I hope somebody can help.

Best regards.


I’ve merged a PR yesterday to support the readonly Upload case when you want to show an upload field of an earlier form. So if you build from master it should work. The readonly option is available in the form field edit modal.

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In the Flowable modeler when dragging the attached field you can click on the pencil to edit the properties of the field, as shown in the images below.
A read-only property has been created recently next to the required one.

Thanks I just updated my repo and now everything is working fine.

Best regards.