In a user task (or other) is there a way at design time to attach a file to the task?

What I want is for the user to be able to see a document already attached to the process before doing anything. This is because I want the user to download and read the document as a part of completing the step.

The problem would also be solved if I could show some custom HTML on the page after the user clicks on the task because then I could just link to an online version of the document for the user to read.

Also, if a script task could pop up a window or lightbox that has my custom HTML then that would work as well.

So, I see three main options here:

  1. design an attachment into the user task
  2. show some custom HTML for a user task
  3. pop up a window via a script task that has the link to the document or the document itself.

Are any of these options possible with Flowable? I haven’t yet found how to design a document into a user task.

I rigged up a solution for a terms-of-service document by pasting the TOS in a form input. I’d rather not do that with this next document I am working with.

It seems like my problem could also be solved if I could add a form with one read-only control, that being a rich text field. Would that be difficult to add?