Mail attachments and html render

  1. Is there any way to add attachments to the mail in mail task? I see that MailActivityBehavior implements attachment logic, but i don’t see any attachment field in modeler.
  2. Also from MailActivityBehavior there is several types of mail depending from html/text fields filled in modeler and attachments. From that as i can see there is no way to use html render and attachment in the same mail. Is there other way to do it?

The attachments are indeed not exposed in the modeler right now. It’s currently not on our short-term planning to add this (as it’s quite a bit of work - custom upload popup and such which is very different from a simple textfield property) … but the cheesy answer is that of course we would welcome any contribution in this area gladly ;-).

I see, thnak you for the answer. This option will be considered :slight_smile:

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We are just now received requirement for sending attachments through email, so wanted to check if this has been implemented or still in process since there is no option for that now as well.

Thank you

Hey @namrata2609,

The answer from Joram (Mail attachments and html render - #2 by joram) still stands.


Hi Filiphr,

Thank you for the confirmation. So I believe as workaround we will have to upload the file in server and send link of the file through mail so that user can check/download.