Htmlvar not present in the modeler

Hi, I wanted to know how to deploy a bpmn from the modeler that contains a mail task that uses the htmlVar.
The modeler does not allow me to use this attribute, but only the normal html. But I need the htmlVar.

Indeed, it was missing. Added it here:

He is not the only one absent. All the variables “*Var” was absent.
But thank you very much for your job.

Hi @joram,

We’ve been trying to use the htmlVar and textVar attributes of the mail task through the modeler as well (v6.5.0). While the attributes are present, form validation fails even when they are specified.

Looking at it expects the field name to be camel case ‘htmlVar’, however, in an exported version of the bpmn, that field name (as well as textVar) has been converted lower case as in the excerpt below:

<flowable:field name="htmlvar">
<flowable:field name="textvar">

That same process before export has the following validation error in the modeler:

Is this a know issue that’s been fixed and will be available in 6.5.1?

Valid point, fixed here:

Not sure why I didn’t see this when doing the previous commit.

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