Allow document preview inside the task form

Good morning

I am trying to find what I should be changing in order to include a link for an external application just after the download button show on the right side of the uploaded document.

The idea is to include a link to allow the preview using the browser native pdf previewer.

A better option would be to include the pdf.js previewer inside the form.

Any tip on the topic will be appreciated.

Thank you

That would need changes in the flowable modeler UI. The code for this can be found here: Currently that’s not on our roadmap to do, but PR’s are of course accepted :wink:

Thanks for the answer.

flowable-ui-modeler? Wouldn’t it be in the taks app? Because it is there that the user will be previewing the documents.

I found some pieces of code where it seems the Upload component is generated, but I could not understand how it works.

I have a doubt, which is what are the differences between the uploaded content inside the task/form and the external/related-content?
I see there is a tab for the related content inside the task details, but I don’t know what is the source for the information inside of this component.
For me, it seems the related-content part is something inherited from Activiti, and I am not sure if it still makes sense now.