External form in UI-modeler

I used UI-modeler to design a process model with form definition, but the form built by UI-modeler is too simple. so I want to use external form, but I don’t know how to build a external and link it to the process model in UI-modeler.

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I have this question too, Since the default forms are simpler and we haven’t any control to design the components in form, Is there any provision to deploy HTML forms (designed externally) in flowable-modeler, and use it in task. If yes, can you please guide us on that ?


Hi Divyesh,

There’s always the possibility to extend the form designer palette and the runtime of course, but if you would like to develop a custom UI application that’s well supported also. You can use the formKey attribute of a user task to define an identifier for the form or view you would like to display in your application. Then when opening the task view for this specific user task, you can read the formKey value and display the correct form / view in your application.

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Any reference material for us to refer?

See: Integrate external Forms web application