Gateway with single outgoing flow


can we have single outgoing sequence flow for a gateway?if yes then which one?


You can set condition to control it.


I mean which gateway supports single outgoing sequence flow


Technically speaking any gateway can have a single outgoing sequence flow. However, practically speaking the question is where does it make sense to have a single outgoing sequence flow.

Have a look at the BPMN Gateways section of our documentation.

it would help if you clarify your question and tell us what exactly you are trying to do.

If you ask me a single outgoing sequence flow makes sense for the following:

  • A parallel gateway that has incoming flows
  • An inclusive gateway that has incoming flows



how to get outgoing flow from Inclusive Gateway?
we were trying to get that with following code:

InclusiveGateway inway =(InclusiveGateway)processBpmn.getFlowElement(sq.getTargetRef(), true);
List outFlows = inway.getOutgoingFlows();

In Above code first line giving typecast error and second line giving error like : The method getOutgoingFlows() is undefined for the type InclusiveGateway


Not sure how you can be getting that error when nothing is throwing it. Can you please create a small example that you can show this to us, please?