Async inclusive joining gateway creates duplicate outgoing executions


I noticed that a joining inclusive gateway which is set to be async can trigger multiple outgoing executions for the same execution path. It seems to be related to data visiblity of async jobs and the fact that a joining inclusive gateway will continue the path when no current execution can reach the gateway, see InclusiveGatewayActivityBehavior line 93.

As a test I have created this process where the gateways and task is async and exclusive. When executing the process it always finishes with two end events.

I was reading in other forum entries that async and exclusive should be used when heavily using parallel processing in order to avoid optimistic locking exceptions.

Is this an intended behavior and async inclusive joining gateways be avoided?

Thanks for any advice

No, it isn’t the intended behavior. I’ll investigate deeper. Is the example you’re using exactly as depicted (with service1 being async)?

Yes, the service and the joining gateway are both async and exclusive. I only get this issue when the joning gateway is async.

Hi @holgerapel-iso: this has been fixed here:

Thanks for reporting and the analysis!

This is excellent! Do you know already into which release the fix will go?