Gateway proceed to next sequence or exit/end

I’m looking for a gateway that would automatically “end” the logic for that process without requiring a default sequence flow going to the end or an exclusive gateway with a sequence flow going to end containing negative logic.

Basically what I’m trying to get done is accomplish the else below, without displaying a sequence flow to the end.


You mean like this:
Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 14.54.54

The default flow should be evaluated last, but you can also use flow order on the gateway. You could also use the following, but it’s not seen as such good style:
Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 15.02.57


Or something that magically does this for you? Perhaps you can describe the use case.

If the above options are the only way I’m definitely seeking the “magical” solution…
Do you know of any documentation on creating a custom control of this type?

See the above diagrams are fairly uncomplicated, some of these business processes I’m dealing with have over 100 of such decision types, inclusive gateways, exclusive gateways.
(Think of something like the London subway map :wink: )
Either solution has gotten fairly messy when creating a model that has a line going to either a “separate” end point (2nd example) or the end of the diagram.


I wonder if using CMMN might be more suited you your use case - like an entry condition, which means the activity only fires if the condition is meant.

In the following, the activities are grouped in Stages that are activated by conditions, then when a Stage is activated, the activities inside have their entry criteria tested - and execute if met.

Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 16.04.49

We often mix CMMN and BPMN to describe the execution in the clearest way. And of course, a BPMN process can initiate a process (or as in here, a case can initiate a process).

That’s why understanding the fuller use case is helpful, but I understand that can be a sensitive thing. If you can find some way to express the overall scenario and scale, that might help a bit.