Difference between outgoing sequence flows from UserTask and ExclusiveGateway?

Hi, all.
VacationRequest_deprecated_forms.bpmn20.xml defines the process of “vacationRequest”:

I change it info this one:

Note that the ExclusiveGateway of “requestApprovedDecision” has been deleted and two sequence flows are directly linked from source to two targets respectively.
Both of above processes run all right.
I wonder what is the difference between these two process definitions.
Thanks a lot.


In terms of execution, in this case there’s no difference, because all the conditions in your modified process have exclusive conditions. If you were to change one of those flow conditions to test another
variable (or add another flow condition), then you’d see the difference, as only one flow is followed with an exclusive gateway, but potentially 2 flows could be followed in parallel in your modified process.

There’s some useful intro on flows here.


Got it. Thanks for your reply.