exclusiveGateway Delay


This is a long shot but I thought I would ask the question anyway. I have a BPMN process which calls a sub-process and then depending on a variable which is set on startup, will take one of two paths out of an exclusive gateway. Normally this works just fine but the other day we experiences a delay of about an hour before the process finished. My assumption was that one of the service tasks took a long time but after reviewing the ACT_HI_ACTINST table to see the start times and durations it turned out to be the exclusiveGateway that took forever to start.

This BPMN is called from a parent CMMN model and I’m sure there are all kinds of other variables that could influence the execution of the process but I’m wondering if there is anywhere else I could look that might provide insight into why the gateway took so long to start?

One other variable which I noticed is the gateway itself in the model has been marked as Exclusive and Asynchronous which in general gateways are not. I believe this was done because we had been running into optimistic lock exceptions from the first service task.

Just looking for some possible insight.


p.s. I’m using Flowable 6.7.2