Parallel Sequence Flows

I went through the documentation on flowable, and wanted to understand one thing.

I have a workflow as follows:

I have multiple sequence flows from the Start Event. Now as per flowable documentation,

After an element is visited during process execution, all outgoing sequence flows will be followed. This means that the default nature of BPMN 2.0 is to be parallel: two outgoing sequence flows will create two separate, parallel paths of execution.

So, these both paths would be executed in parallel, correct?

And if so, the path that finishes first (whether the user takes some action or the timer fires), will ultimately complete the execution of the workflow.

Is my understanding correct?

Also if these sequence flows are achieving the parallel execution of multiple paths, then what specifically extra does parallel gateways offer us ?


That depends on the rest of your model. If it goes to a normal end event, this will only stop that path. If you use a terminate end event, then it will end the whole process instance.

Yes, true. It’s a typical best practice to use a parallel gw as it’s more visually clear.

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