Multiple Connectors between 2 CallActivities causing multiple target executions in parallel

Spent some time looking for this “feature”. 3 Connectors between 2 CallActivities. Each of them kicked off a SubProcess.

<sequenceFlow id="flow189" sourceRef="callactivity3" targetRef="callactivity4"></sequenceFlow>
<sequenceFlow id="flow180" sourceRef="callactivity3" targetRef="callactivity4"></sequenceFlow>
<sequenceFlow id="flow182" sourceRef="callactivity3" targetRef="callactivity4"></sequenceFlow>

Possible only if you first create the connector to another Object and then drag the arrow over an existing connector and match then exactly.

It was created in the Eclipse plugin though. Thought i’d save someone some time in the future.

Good find! I’ve had this problem myself, in another editor. What you’ve run into is actually a feature, because BPMN allows for having multiple, unconditional outgoing sequence flows from a flow node. This leads to similar behaviour as a parallel gateway, in that all of the flows are activated. Combine that with the overlapping arrows in the diagram and you would not even notice that’s what happening if you add them by accident, but it’s totally valid to execute.

Whether or not it’s good practice to model that way if what you want is a parallel split, is another discussion of course :slight_smile: