Parallel sub-process executions


I have a BPMN diagram in which I want to start a multi-instance CallActivity by providing the collection which need to be iterated and the name of the iterationVariable. I need all elements from the collection to be executed in parallel sub-processes.
Could you suggest me how to achieve that?

I have read about an OptimisticLockingException during such scenario. Could you tell me whether the scenario will work now?


Hi Encho,

Like described in the documentation for multi instance constructs you can use something like:

flowable:collection="${myService.resolveUsersForTask()}" flowable:elementVariable=“assignee”

These are attributes you can add to the callActivity element or you could use a multi instance embedded subprocess with the call activity inside it instead.

It should be fine using this approach.

Best regards,


Hello Tijs,

Thanks for the response.
I think that somewhere I came across a topic which was related to a bug(missing feature) in the CallActivity which was preventing the parallel execution. Do you know of something like that?